Many education technologies have emerged everyday to help us learn new skills and knowledge. But we believe, learning with a human – an experienced instructor is the only best way to learn because a teacher can teach us so much more than what a robot can offer, and they make us want to see the bigger world and beyond.

Therefore, at Lyveclass, we all come to work every day with one simple mission – to empower teachers to move the world by transferring knowledge and expertise. We do so by creating a platform called Lyveclass. And we utilize this platform to unite the world’s best instructors to help our generations learn the skills they need to succeed.

Lyveclass is built as a global freelancing platform for teachers to find casual/full time work opportunities where students request private teachers by posting requirements for teachers to see and bid the offer. The platform operates via the website and the mobile app. Lyveclass is also an online marketplace where we welcome anyone to bring original educational content to sell on the platform (i.e. private courses, video lessons, teaching materials, study notes etc).

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Please stay tuned for more update, innovation and product offering.